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  • перейти на источник (Wednesday, April 26 17 06:08 pm EDT)

    I like this site so much, saved to bookmarks.

  • Phill G. Deal (Wednesday, March 02 16 10:31 am EST)

    Awesome spiritual stretch, Jim. I appreciate you sharing this site.

  • jon peters (Sunday, December 27 15 03:49 pm EST)

    very inciteful on the matters of the heart, jim.....i think a great place to start with the strategies....i know my heart is in it to win it....if i can keeep moving self out of the picture and fill
    that space with HIM....what follows will sure to be a success

  • Rick (Monday, September 28 15 04:36 pm EDT)

    I just read "Comfortable Christianity". I thought I knew what it was going to say, but you took a different perspective rather than the "pew warmer" position I was expecting. Thanks for the life

  • Phil Gulley (Wednesday, June 10 15 11:44 pm EDT)

    Looks good, Jim, I would suggest some bold for the Passage addresses or some format variation to separate the body from the verses.

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